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Give your cat the Identity it deserves and learn more about your cat from experts of the field. 

What is Cat Registration?

Cat Registration at The Feline Club of India is a process of giving your cat a unique ID microchip and a breed authentication certificate, and you an ownership certificate, essentially meaning, having all the paperwork for your cat done!

Why Register your cat/cattery?

  • One gets one very important document for their cat: Breed Authentication and Ownership Certificate, along with a Unique Identification Microchip, with a guarantee of access to all events and cat shows of FCI!
  • Registering a cattery name helps the breeder build a brand on paper i.e. the pedigree record which will continue for generations, as with expansion of the breeding program, it gets difficult to keep a record of all cats from the breeding lines.

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Know More About Us

The Feline Club of India was formed 4 years ago by cat enthusiasts, with Founding Members including vets as well as animal aficionados with a keen interest in cat upkeep. FCI is the only active organization in India working towards improvement of Cat Fancy in India, and is now active in almost all parts of the country. 

We, at FCI, run 45 active regional clubs in all major cities of India and host various conventions, registration drives and cat shows. We are also working with IISC (Indian Institute of Science) to provide genetic fingerprints of the felines along with a certification of the same. We are also actively involved in Cat Registration and issuing breed certificates to all cat breeds, proving to be a vital step in introducing ancestral tracking all over the country.

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