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Giving your cat the life it deserves

Feline Club of India is the sole organization in India which helps you register your cat and give it its own identity. We also actively  contribute towards feline awareness – through our conventions – about nutrition, health and overall life.

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Unique ID Microchip

Unique ID Microchip

Your cat gets a unique identity in the form of identification microchip

Breed Authentication

Breed Authentication

You can know the exact breed of your cat through genetic fingerprints.

Ownership Certificate

Ownership Certificate

You get an ownership certificate for your cat as documentation.

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With 40+ active  regional clubs in all major cities of India, Feline Club of India is your go to cat partner.

  • Petgala


    Date and Time: 17th September, 2023 (Sunday) | 10 AM Onwards

    Venue: Jayamahal Palace #1, Jayamahal Road, Bengaluru

    For more information: 99226 24892 | 91307 04436 

About FCI

Initiating a cat movement in India

Formed 4 years ago, FCI is the only active organization in the country working towards the betterment of Cat Fancy in India. The Founding Members are all cat enthusiasts with a keen and zealous interest and knowledge about cat upkeep. We also host Registration Drives and informative Conventions for cat owners and enthusiasts, as well as glamorous Cat Shows aimed at improving breeding standards.

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Active Cat Parents

1000+ Cats

1000+ Cats

Animal House

Animal House

Feline Care

Feline Care


The emergence of FCI

India is currently witnessing a major revolution in the pet sector; with hectic schedules and very little time in their hands, people are shifting to cats as a choice for their pet. A cat is definitely the best companion to have, too! With this fundamental change, it’s equally important to develop the feline industry as well. To aid that, Feline Club of India, or FCI, came into existence in 2018.

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What we do

We hold informative seminars throughout the country so as to spread awareness and knowledge about feline diseases, health issues and how to prevent them, breed standards and nutrition.


We host numerous registration drives across the country where one can get breed authentication certificates, thus proving to be a crucial step in ancestral tracking of your cat!

We also conduct cat shows, which is a platform to showcase the best specimens of each breed, thus creating a healthy competition in order to improve breed standards even further.