Join us in Ahmedabad for the Biggest Cat Show In India

Have a Cat, don’t have a Cat, YOU’RE STILL WELCOME! An amazing experience for Pet Lovers at Just 199 INR ! Only 142 tickets available at 199 INR

Show Highlights

This is a Cat Show like you’ve never seen before! Visit with/without your Cat at CAT SHOW! Witness This Amazing Show With Your Loved Ones

Regular Entry Price is 499 Per Person

Today's Special Price for you is just 199 INR Per Person

Discounted Price for you will Expire Soon

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Please Note - Only 109 tickets are available at 149 INR after that ticket price will be 299 INR

Please Note - Only 142 Tickets available at 199 INR on Spot Ticket price will be 499 INR.

Ahmedabad Cat Show Details

If You are Facing Problems while Booking Tickets then please use this alternate link to Book Tickets.
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You need to register here to book a stall or want to Join us as a Exhibitor.
➡️ Register Here

You need to register here to participate in the Cat Show with your Cat.
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You can reach us at:
Call: 9821211817 / 99226 24892

If you want to participate in the Championship Cat Show with your Cat You need to register here.

Important things to keep in mind while visiting the show

  1. You will get the razorpay payment receipt on email after ticket bookings. That payment receipt is enough to access the show.
  2. You can visit the venue between 10 AM to 8 PM.
  3. You can respectfully play with the pets.
  4. People who don’t have pets can join & enjoy the show & need to book tickets for the show.
  5. Cameras are allowed in the show.
  6. You need to buy one ticket per person.