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    There are a limited number of cats in India, when it comes to pure breeds. These same cats have been
    breeding since decades. Inbreeding cats from the same lines causes a lot of genetic problems in the
    kittens. These include weak immune systems, deformities, stunted growth. The results of these issues
    are severe and often cause death too. All too often we have seen half a litter dies off just because of a
    fever or a simple skin infection.
    So the obvious solution is to breed our cats with newer lines, i.e., unrelated blood. However, importing
    cats from other countries into India is banned by the government. We can only breed the cats that we
    already have in India.
    This is where the Feline Club of India comes into the picture. We record details of the father and mother
    of each kitten that is registered with us.

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